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Loving Welsh Food – The Ultimate Tasting Tours of Cardiff

Is there any better way to explore a city than to eat your way around it?

Loving Welsh Food, run by the fantastic Sian Roberts, is the ultimate tasting tour of our capital city Cardiff.

Sian was born in Cardiff but had always had a passion for travel and learning languages. When she finished school, she decided to travel to France for a gap year, but once she was there her sense of adventure and love for travel took hold and she decided to see the world and improve her languages instead of going to university.

Sian built a solid career in tourism and throughout her travels across France, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Bali, she promoted Welsh food wherever she went. 

When Sian first started promoting Welsh food and drink at home and abroad, she was shocked to see how little the people she spoke to knew about not only Welsh food & drink, but Wales as a whole.  

Sian returned to Wales to work in television and radio – working on food and travel programmes. Following her marriage to husband Huw, she decided to go freelance and worked in tv, radio and also promoting Welsh food.

She decided it was time the world found out about Welsh food. Her first project involved creating Welsh cooking DVD – when it came out, Sian was invited to give talks about Welsh food and drink and was a regular host of cooking demos and workshops. 

Upon doing some research for a talk upon food tourism, Sian’s research, alongside hearing about Welsh students going to France and learning how to make croissants led to her discovering more about food tours, and she decided it would be a good idea to start them in Cardiff and Loving Welsh Food was born.

Tasting Tours with Loving Welsh Food

When you join in on a Cardiff Tasting Tour with Loving Welsh Food you can jump right into the thriving Cardiff food scene as Sian guides you to key landmarks in the city centre. Here you will discover specialist food producers, retailers and of course the Cardiff Indoor Market. 

Along the way you can sample several delicious Welsh delicacies including laverbread, cockles and Welsh beverages; alongside some continental favourites with a Welsh twist.

If that’s not enough for you and you’re looking for something a bit more personalised, Loving Welsh Food also offers private food and drink tours for individuals and groups. 

As an example, a Loving Welsh Food private tour could include; a Wine and Welshcakes tour where you can enjoy Welsh delicacies, a delicious lunch alongside a sampling of wine at a Welsh vineyard. Or a Castles, Coast and Cuisine day filled with excitement and exploration, and of course wonderful Welsh food. 

Sian also runs a variety of workshops alongside her fantastic tours as they are an immersive way of teaching visitors to cook and enjoy traditional Welsh recipes.

Loving Welsh Food has been running for 5 years and Sian loves every minute of it. Every day she shares her passion and skills with new people and broadcasts the voice of Welsh food. All of her tours and workshops can even be held in English, Welsh, French, Italian and Spanish.

We asked Sian two simple questions.

“There are too many to mention I have experienced so many tasty foods in my travel and throughout Wales. Although dependent on the time of day, a warm Welshcake and a cup of tea, or, a delicious Welsh cheese platter always goes down wonderfully with a glass of wine.”

“To be honest I really do love going out for food – trying new restaurants and new dishes – with friends or meeting new people. 

Of course, my passion for travelling still thrives. Both my sisters live abroad – one in France, such a beautiful country – I go there as often as I can. The other lives in Sydney – not as easy to pop over there but I have been twice, and it was brilliant.”

So, if you are looking to find out more about the fabulous delicacies that Wales has to offer, alongside a chance to explore our beautiful capital city, look no further than booking a tour with Loving Welsh Food. 

All bookings for Loving Welsh Food are managed by Cambria Tours. If you are looking for your next foodie adventure, or you have any questions regarding single, group or private bookings, please get in touch. 

Our tours of Wales are bespoke packages with special added touches. We will make planning your Wales experience as simple as possible and ensure your stay is everything you want it to be.

Discover Wales Culture

Why Christmas in Wales is Epic!

The festive season is a season of joy. One of merriment, song, smiles, laughter, celebration, sometimes travel, and a coming together of friends, family, loved ones and even strangers. Whenever we think of Christmas, we always feel warm inside. Some distant memories transport us back to our childhoods to feelings of excitement and thoughts of Christmas will always put a smile on our faces.

Christmas is all about creating unforgettable memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Christmas in Wales is Epic.

At Cambria Tours, we specialise in helping to create memories. When it comes to Christmas, we are always reminded of the 1987 film ‘A Childs Christmas in Wales’. A film that began life as prose written by the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and creates a sense of the nostalgia as it remembers a Christmas from the viewpoint of Thomas as a young boy.

Dylan always felt that when he was a child the snow was simply better and more exciting.

We believe the same could be said for Wales.

Christmas in Wales is simply better and more exciting. Here’s why.

The Great Welsh Outdoors at Christmas.

It goes without saying that if you want to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors then you go to Wales. Nothing can beat taking a stroll through the beautiful Welsh countryside and hearing the crunch of your footsteps on a crisp winter morning. The frost-covered hills and valleys are the perfect place to enjoy a Christmas Day walk.

If you are feeling brave another tradition of Welsh coastal towns and villages is the Boxing Day Swim. 1000’s of residents partake in the events, often to raise money for their chosen charities. If you wish to join in on the challenge, we can promise it will definitely be a bit nippy but it will also be a lot of fun. You’ll be full of adrenaline after the dip and be ready to take on the world.

Fantastic Christmas Food in Wales.

In Wales we love our food. We are very proud of our local delicacies and our recipes are passed down through the generations. Nothing beats mam’s Welshcakes or Mamgu’s Laverbread. When festive season rolls around, Christmas Markets spring up through the towns and cities and they are filled with tasty local treats and handmade Welsh crafts which make perfect gifts for loved ones.

If it’s Christmas Dinner you are searching for then you will never have to look far to find a wealth of wonderful offerings. Whether it’s one of Wales’ many award-winning restaurants or one of our cosy traditional pubs our roast dinners are hearty and delicious. Welsh Lamb is the best in the world and don’t even get us started on the gravy.

Festive Season Sport in Wales.

The festive season in Wales is an epic season of sport. As you may already know we are bonkers about rugby! Chowing down on a leftover turkey sandwich, the Christmas Pro 14 Rugby Derbies are one of our favourite things to watch over the Christmas period. If you visit Cardiff on Boxing Day this year you can Cardiff Blues take on Dragons. Or, head further west to Llanelli where the Scarlets host Ospreys at Parc Y Scarlets. Nothing beats the buzz of the crowds on derby days.

It’s not just rugby that we love during the festive season. The Welsh Grand National is on the 27th of December in Chepstow and fans of Ice Hockey will relish the chance to see Cardiff Devils play at home over December.

So, whether you’re at a match, in the pub, or just sitting on the sofa you can enjoy the excitement of festive season Welsh sports.

Merry Locals Filled with Cheer in Wales.

Speaking of the pub, pubs are another thing that we do best here in Wales. Welsh people are renowned as being one of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. This is even truer in local pubs and bars during the Christmas period when you’ll find friendly happy Welsh locals singing and sharing stories over a pint of the local brew.

So pop yourself in next to the fireplace, (Don’t worry we can tell you where the ones with the biggest, warmest fireplaces are) order a glass of delicious homemade mulled wine or mulled cider and soak up the merry atmosphere that is filled with joy and laughter.

And there you have it, just some of the reasons we believe that spending even just a small amount of time in Wales over the festive season will fill you with joy and excitement.

Because Christmas in Wales is simply better and more exciting than anywhere else.

At Cambria Tours, we specialise in all things Wales.

We are so passionate about our incredible country and we can’t wait to share it with you.

You can call us, chat online or drop us an email to discuss your Festive Season ideas or itinerary and our team of Wales Gurus can point you in the right direction with hints, tips, accommodation options and even a driver-guide or hire car so that you can make the most of your next Wales adventure.


Grandness of the Ainu Masses in Japanese Account

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Grandness of the Ainu Mass in Japanese Account

Updated on October 12, 2015

Christy Kirwan


Tangency Writer

A womanhood gives a manifestation of Ainu medicine in traditional clothe. | Root

Who Are the Ainu?

The Ainu were a complex club of autochthonal peoples who inhabited well-nigh of Hokkaido and the circumferent islands, historically. Alike the Aboriginal Americans, the Ainu are the endemic inhabitants of Japan, and around groups are stillness animation nowadays and practicing the ethnical traditions of their ancestors. Due to pagan preconception, many mass of Ainu origin bear obscure their roots and identical few hush mouth the Ainu lyric. Lamentably, that preconception has level infiltrated the academician subject of story in many shipway.

Grandness of the Ainu

The Ainu are loosely viewed by Japanese scholars and historians as peripheral and insignificant to Japanese story. In fact, they are typically omitted from banner histories of Japan. But actually, the Ainu were unendingly intermeshed in ethnic, economical, and environmental exchanges with Japan which were profoundly relevant to the growth of both Japanese and Ainu societies. That interaction was a decisive result which moldiness be accepted and examined in gild to mannikin a wide ikon of the account of Japan.

This pictorial depicts the territories known to get been tenanted by the Ainu historically. | Rootage

The Ainu and the Shaping of the Japanese Province

One of the reasons that the Ainu are so crucial to the story of Japan is that they inhabited an region that became function of contemporary Japan. The Ainu lands, referred to as Ezo at the clock, included near of Hokkaido and its encompassing islands; not an undistinguished clod of dominion. But Japan did not be as a land at all during the Edo Point, and its constitution intrinsically was not inevitable. Sooner, the elaboration of Japanese mastery into Ainu lands took billet chiefly done barter and mollification wars. 1

The Ainu and Strange Swop

Ainu sell was lots more vital than it is typically credited for by many contemporary historians. Ainu groups were occupied in meaning outside barter with Russia, Chinaware, Korea, and sometimes mugwump pirates. During the Sengoku Menses, daimyo and politico Toyotomi Hideyoshi demonstrated his cognisance of this hearty extraneous swop, having been informed by a missional, Luis Frois. Frois explained to him that the Korean, Calculus, and Jurchen mass oftentimes interacted and traded with the Ainu in Ezo. 1 This noesis motivated Hideyoshi, and subsequently his replacement Tokugawa Ieyasu, to slow reduce craft restrictions on the Ainu during the belated Sengoku and former Edo era.

Hideyoshi Tightens Restrictions on the Ainu

One of the outset slipway in which Hideyoshi protracted his sanction terminated Ainu swop was to issuing the veracious to lift transportation duties to a patriotic class in southerly Hokkaido, the Kakizaki sept. He given daimyo Yoshihiro a vermilion-seal gild, which was a papers of the highest authorization, that permitted him to gather transportation levies in Ezo. 1 This administrator fiat brought Ainu lands partly below the revenue of Hideyoshi’s commonwealth with the broad menace of 100,000 warriors to implement the levies and beat any opposite. 1

Tokugawa Ieyasu Encourage Restricts Ainu Swap

Astern Hideyoshi’s last, the Kakizaki phratry offered themselves to Tokugawa as vassals and changed the surname to Matsumae. Nether Tokugawa, the Matsumae gained foster ascendence complete Ainu barter. They were given sole sell rights in a black-seal rescript straightaway from Tokugawa Ieyasu. 1 This rescript prevented anyone from trading with the Ainu without the uttered accept or denotative permit of the Matsumae Shima-no-kami, 1 efficaciously abscission the Ainu citizenry from release approach to extraneous swop. It besides prevented any Japanese someone from cross into Ainu soil without Matsumae license; in fiat for the Ainu to preserve to swap freely with Japanese multitude, they would be strained to traveling into Japanese district, comely discipline to Japanese laws. These restrictions on citizenry who considered themselves disengage and mugwump of the Japanese land made military difference inevitable.

Model of an Ainu stab made from carven cervid antler and metallic. | Germ

The Ainu Suit a Military Terror

The Ainu became militarily substantial as a terror to the Japanese nation when the Matsumae kinsfolk became entangled in the in-fighting of leadership of branch Ainu groups. This active skint out as a solvent to the Matsumae patronage restrictions. The coarse economical policies and unjust interchange rates culminated in the Ainu leadership whipping out. 1 The Ainu depended heavy on swop and lull viewed themselves as a free who could swop with whom they pleased when they wished. 1 As sell exchanges became progressively unjust, Ainu groups began to competitiveness amongst themselves for accession to fisheries, hunt yard, and over-the-counter sources of raw materials. The Matsumae touched in to command these disputes in fiat to protect their gilded mines and doctor fiat, allying themselves with one of the Ainu factions, the Onibishi. Their rivals, Shakushain and his supporters, drawn-out their competition to admit the Matsumae phratry, decent a scourge to the Japanese country. In answer, the Edo despotism arranged liege Matsumae Yasuhiro to lead-in the Matsumae armies against Shakushain. The Tokugawa regime distinctly viewed Shadushain and his uprising as a menace to the constancy of the Japanese nation generally, and responded consequently.

Strategical Grandness of the Ainu Lands

Hokkaido was likewise a militarily strategical localisation for the balance of Japan, and its office made it worthy for Hideyoshi and Tokugawa to restraint. Many Tokugawa officials feared that Jurchen and Calculus conjugation wars in Orankai would overflow into Ezo resulting in sociable excitement and a alien military menace.

Hideyoshi had farther reasonableness to be concerned in Hokkaido. During the Sengoku Menses, Ezo was believed to be affiliated to the Eurasian celibate by farming, fashioning it paragon for his aforethought intrusion of Korea. 1 He saw it as imminently worthful to his aspiration of seduction and purple regulation o’er mainland Asia, which motivated lots of his political interactions with the Lords of Ezo, and specifically the Kakizaki sept. 1

This is a traditional Japanese composition set, which was essential for creating bureaucratic documents. The brute hairsbreadth for the copse and adhesive for the ink would both get been produced by the Ainu during the Sengoku and Tokugawa periods. | Root

Economical Grandness of the Ainu

The Ainu too produced deal goods which were identical influential to Japan’s thriftiness. They acquired craft goods principally done hunt, assembly, and sportfishing. Their sensual products were of detail implication; clappers, fur, and over-the-counter items were ill-used in creating a huge align of craftsman goods. E.g., Japanese chirography brushes needed fuzz from horses, raccoons, goats, and former animals in club to make the double-dyed conformation. The serve of constructing the brushes besides mandatory the use of cushy leather fauna skins. Ink and rosin were made with sensual byproducts besides. The inkiness pigments for authorship and chirography were miscellaneous with poached mucilage from brute clappers, which caused the ink to cohere to the wallpaper. Products wish ink and composition were essential to the ontogeny bureaucratism of the Tokugawa era, and helped with its sustenance on a introductory story.

The Ainu and the Japanese Submit

Contempt many political and economical embroilments, Ezo was stillness considered offprint from Japan. One shogunal prescribed notable that the Matsumae lords were more ‘chiefs of Ezo Island’ than Japanese officials and that Matsumae was fundamentally ‘external our nation’. 1 This equivocal condition meant that the Ainu lands were considered domesticated for about purposes, and extraneous for others. E.g., the Matsumae were vassals of Tokugawa, but they did not suffer the like judicature construction as otc vassals. The unequalled kinship of the Ainu lands to the Tokugawa politics during this stop is really enchanting.

Do you retrieve the Ainu are crucial to Japanese story?

You’ve positive me!

Distillery not eyesight it.

See results


Zimmer, Brett L. The Subjection of Ainu Lands: Bionomics and Civilization in Japanese Elaboration,1590-1800. University of California Pressure, 2006.


Economical Maturation Strategies for Hong Kong & Singapore

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Economical Growing Strategies for Hong Kong & Singapore

Updated on June 13, 2016

Cameron Corniuk


Middleman Source

Revisiting AIU Econ224 Macroeconomics Somebody Undertaking

I primitively wrote the groundwork composition for this hub as parting of an grant for my Econ 224 Macroeconomics form concluded at American InterContinental University On-line. I standard an A on the theme, although it was ninety-six of a expect for me to save. Thither was a petty management and the requirements were xcvii…thin. I’ve distinct to add approximately artwork and touching it up 98 and contribution it with others who power be looking an exercise of what can be through with the newspaper likewise as anyone who mightiness be concerned in the substance.



Hong Kong



A new industrialised nation, or NIC, is one that has fallen someplace on the economical mensuration surmount betwixt development and get-go man countries. These countries let affected outside from a traditionally husbandry based thriftiness and into more industrialised concerns. This was lawful of countries including Singapore and Hong Kong during the 1970’s and 1980’s (Investopedia, 2011). These countries are silence ontogeny now, and thither are respective shipway they can service to cementum their office inside the world saving. In an exploit to assistant further ontogenesis and stabilisation inside the Hong Kong and Singapore regions, the aid of the Mankind Deposit has been enlisted.

The Earth Rely is a lively seed of fiscal and expert assist to development countries round the mankind. Our commission is to conflict impoverishment with rage and professionalism for long-lived results and to service mass service themselves and their surround by providing resources, communion cognition, construction capability and forging partnerships in the world and secret sectors (, 2011).

Things that are presently of care to the underdeveloped Singapore and Hong Kong admit their craft alliances, revenue, and attribute rights.

Connection of Southeasterly Asian Nations


Deal Associations

Singapore moldiness brand the determination to articulation with such organizations as the Affiliation of Se Asian Nations, or ASEAN (Investors Seaward, 2011). This volition cater them the welfare of existence parting of the world’s largest unfreeze sell pigeonholing. If Hong Kong can addition entree to this grouping, it would be utilitarian to them besides. The power to accede into such a big conglobation of trading would be a blessing to any country—developing or differently. One of the major benefits is that the appendage countries get decreased and evening eliminated tariffs on swap sure items betwixt former members. As tariffs can greatly trammel or obstruct countries’ power and willingness to patronage, by reduction these, it is supporting barter betwixt extremity nations, which opens up a practically wider mart than what power usually be useable.


Tax Laws

The revenue laws are another affair both Disgorge Kong and Singapore moldiness hold in contact with. If they do not tax plenty, they testament not be capable to provision the services and substructure they motive to support existent businesses and residents or pull new ones. According to Investors Seaward (2011), Singapore does bear approximately comparatively twinkle tax laws:

For occupier individuals, Singapore’s tax government is somewhat benignant. Uppercase gains taxes are but levied in rattling special lot, thither are no talent taxes and land responsibility was abolished in 2008. Personal income tax rates in Singapore are besides comparatively spark: occupier individuals are taxed at liberalist rates capable 20% (decreased from 22% in 2006) on income accruing in or derived from Singapore. (2011) indicates that Hong Kong besides has rather low taxes. This helps both burgeoning economies. With low taxes, it is probable that companies bequeath run to the region in club to donjon their costs at a minimal. This leave so deliver more masses inside the communities leased, which agency the lour tax value is not as practically an outlet for politics, because thither are now more multitude compensable taxes. It is kinda ilk the canonic law of ply and ask. With frown taxes, thither is a glower toll, which substance a higher requirement to use in the area. The turnaround is that more jobs intend more money into interior coffers without ever-changing the terms head on those taxes.

Belongings Rights

Another major economical condition for both Hong Kong and Singapore is governance conventional dimension rights. According to (2010), Hong Kong is the world’s runner-up area for scuttle a line. The criteria for rankings in the name we based on xi economical influencing factors including “property rights, engineering, red videotape, investor auspices, broth marketplace execution, deal exemption, pecuniary exemption, personal exemption, tax load, and commercialise functioning (, 2010). ”Singapore shares the low smirch for attribute rights and craft freedom…” (, 2011).

The fact is that both multitude and businesses wishing to cognize that they own a slice of something. Particularly, with businesses, it is authoritative to cognise that the fellowship owns its attribute preferably than the regime. In countries struggling to advancement, guardianship governments from fetching controller of individual citizen and job holding and resources is preponderant. If a clientele is afraid that they could suffer their expensive factories interpreted terminated by the authorities due to about new law or a nearby struggle, it is less potential they leave fix denounce therein country.



For recommendations in regards to ontogenesis the thriftiness in either Hong Kong or Singapore, it would be wise espouse all of these recommendations and more. Spell the particular benefits of these ternary guidelines bear been covered already, it is authoritative to realise that all these items sour in continuative with one another. You can deliver all the holding rights you wish in a commonwealth, but if taxes are too highschool, companies volition not lack to do clientele thither.

Moreover, the saving is a volatile tool. It is inexpedient to try to berth all of your egg in one basketful. If thither is a executable alternative to meliorate the saving in a area, an fair exploit should be arouse toward that finish. This way, multiple techniques can study unitedly to attain achiever that bequeath arrive quicker and in greater levels than if nerve-racking fewer techniques or fifty-fifty good a 1 proficiency. This is too the principal end bottom macroeconomics.

In macroeconomics, the field takes altogether fiscal considerations and studies how they touch the thriftiness. It gives the unanimous exposure quite than burrow imagination centering on a bingle scene that bequeath not resolution the significant inquiry. What reasons could we get for not undermentioned practicable, vocalise practices in up the thriftiness in any refinement?


Economical Ontogeny Strategies for Hong Kong & Singapore: References (2010). Hong Kong, mankind’s 2nd topper nation for patronage. Retrieved July 9, 2011 from

Investors Seaward. (2011). Singapore – Another Cast Kong?. Retrieved July 9, 2011 from (2011). Hong Kong: Tax. Retrieved July 9, 2011 from (2011). Singapore 2nd freest saving: Inheritance Initiation. Retrieved July 9, 2011from

The Humanity Trust. (2011). Astir Us. Retrieved July 9, 2011 from (2011). Fresh industrialised state – NIC. Retrieved July 9, 2011 from

Questions & Answers

Questions moldiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar use, and intelligible to a across-the-board interview.


Ness Buffalo—Facts and My Personal Clash

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Ness Buffalo—Facts and My Personal Skirmish

Updated on November 30, 2016



Elna is a erstwhile exaltation rubber investigator and now manages CSI projects. Her articles center S African topics.

Striking Generator


Winning a siesta some my argue | Origin

My own brush

One of the Big 5 in Southward Africa, I birth encountered herds in roughly of the many back parks in Southward Africa. I think erstwhile when I was held up by a immense ruck in the route, badgering that I would not arrive to the coterie in the Kruger Internal Common earlier the rod unopen. Thither were many stories of buffaloes assaultive cars, so I played it secure.

Just late did I deliver a finisher meeting, which open my eyes to how limited these beasts are: thither is an vigor exuding from the slue sizing, the way they invariably feel heterosexual at you, those horns. I own a selfsame diminished patch, enclosed privileged a individual gamey raise in the Northerly W bushveld, where I victimised to rove most as I pleased. The owners of the produce distinct to add a minor grouping of 5 buffalo bulls to the mix of antelope. Although they were silence unseasoned and plainly not belligerent, I daring anyone to perambulate these animals and without retention their aloofness.

Sometimes they semen correct capable my household for their siesta below a spine shoetree. Their beautiful horns piddle one-half circles in the yellow-bellied sens. Occasionally they try to put their heads kill to the incline, as if they forgot astir their crowns of resplendence, ostensibly likewise a encumbrance?

With a telegram wall ‘tween us, I ventured nigher to them. Performing guitar and recitation aloud. Evidently, they liked that. Sometimes when I encountered them on a walkway they scarce gave me foresightful, acute stares, so relaxed and went on graze.

But I wasn’t pickings any chances and plotted walks in the paired focus from where they were antecedently seen.

Shaving 6 meters out from my rod | Root

One of the big 5


Grasp of race of African Buffalo


Ness Buffalo Facts

Thither are many websites gift the canonic facts of buffalo life-sustaining statistics.

The African buffalo or Ness buffalo (Syncerus kaffir) is a big African bovid. Its line corpse indecipherable. Thither are 5 race (from Wikipedia) of which these 3 are near unremarkably known:

Syncerus caffre kafir, the Mantle buffalo, the largest one, establish in Southward and Eastward Africa.

S. c. midget (African timber buffalo) is the smallest race, commons in timberland areas of Key and W Africa,

S. c. brachyceros is in W Africa and S. c. aequinoctialis is in the savannas of Exchange Africa.

Buffaloes motivation to drunkenness piddle frequently and pasture about weewee sources. They too crease at nighttime and sometimes spill feed to lions, but are open of defending themselves and the ruck ofttimes comes to the delivery of individuals. It unremarkably takes a few lions to trim a buffalo.

The Ness buffalo is susceptible to diseases, which includes bovid t.b., corridor disease, and base and lip disease.

The centre of the crowd is made up of related females and thither are crystallise lines of say-so. The inwardness crowd is encircled by subherds of underling males, high-level males and females, and old or handicap animals. During the dry mollify, males manikin bachelor-at-arms groups.These groups are either made up of youth bulls or senior bulls (elder than 12). During coupling harden, the jr. bulls juncture a ruck to teammate with the females so to protect the calves. Sr. bulls do not ever retort the ruck. Males bear a analogue laterality hierarchy based on age and sizing.

Full-grown bulls sparring in gambol, laterality interactions, or real fights. Literal fights are vehement but uncommon and abbreviated. Calves may besides sparring in frolic, but grownup females seldom sparring at all.

Roughly articles advert to a guide, who walks before (normally a predominant distaff) but thither is likewise an denotation that the females “ballot” by seated or prevarication in the focussing they recollect the ruck should motility adjacent. This decisiveness seems to be communal instead than based on potency. Walk-to before does intend that you get the pick of graze, and that is related laterality.

Extra Facts




• Its berm peak can orbit from 1.0 to 1.7 m and its head-and-body duration can reach from 1.7 to 3.4 m The poop can compass from 70 to 110 cm (28 to 43 in) yearn


• Buffaloes press 500 to 900 kg

How many multitude killed p.a.

Estimated 200


• The horns of the man African buffalo forrms a uninterrupted drum harbor referred to as a “hirer”. From the foundation, the horns deviate downwardly, so swimmingly curl up and outward. In prominent bulls, the aloofness betwixt the ends of the horns can ambit upwardly of one m. Oxen deliver a less marked foreman and let somewhat is edubirdie legit littler horns


• Oxen outset calve at cinque days aged, later a gestation of 11.5 months. • Neonate calves rest concealed in flora for the beginning few weeks • Sr. calves are held in the gist of the ruck for safe. • The paternal adhesiveness ‘tween engender and sura lasts thirster than in almost bovids. • Unseasoned calves, unco for bovids, suck from butt their mothers, push their heads betwixt the mothers’ legs


• In the almost late and uncommitted nosecount information the summate estimated numbers of the leash African buffalo savannah race (S. c. kafir, S. c. brachyceros, S. c. aequinoctialis) are at 513,000 individuals. They are not on the endangered species lean, flush though thither are concerns with bovid tb in the Kruger Internal Parkland

The croak sounds made by the Ness Buffalo



Domesticated kine same sounds: low, two- to four-second calls intermittently at three- to six-second intervals to indicate the crowd to relocation.

Mettlesome, creak sounds to bespeak the crowd to vary focus

When moving to drunkenness places, roughly individuals micturate foresightful “maaa” calls capable 20 multiplication a instant.

When organism fast-growing, they pee-pee volatile grunts that may death yearn or number into a rumble rumble.

Kine develop croak calls when looking their calves.

When graze, they pee-pee several sounds, such as abbreviated bellows, grunts, honks, and croaks.

The famed Ernest Hemingway

The notable Ernest Hemingway sitting with a buffalo he stab (1953) | Root

Engagement at Kruger: Crowd of buffalo, pridefulness of lions, a crocodile, and a sura in risk

Mantle Buffalo stories

Thither are many stories approximately Buffaloes – largely finis encounters and escapes, buffaloes charging hunters, hunters killed and injured.

I mustiness squeal: I detest prize hunt and course tinned search that much goes paw in paw with that. When I deal these videos posted by the campaign organisers and the lofty American hunters, I flavour sick: a grouping of 5 or 6 men (largely) in their appurtenance in a Landrover, the Big Huntsman in tow with his stem, climax in around their prey, so shot the buffalo (or more one) and quivering men, pats on the backs, then the inevitable exposure sprout, with the bow, and the header of the creature choreographed before of the dauntless huntsman.

A long-familiar huntsman latterly got killed by a buffalo in Zimbabwe. Owain Lewis, 67, had been trailing the sensual for trey years to destination it off abaft it was snap and injured by a visiting American huntsman he was escorting.

Thither are too stories of buffaloes fetching on a lion superbia, forthcoming to the delivery of a sura in a tug of war betwixt a crocodile and lions, a buffalo organism bullied by a rhino. (See picture supra)

Lofty hunters: kill the glorious Ness Buffalo is obviously a desired feel.

© 2016 elnavann


Offset Distaff Aesculapian Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

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Commencement Distaff Aesculapian Md Elizabeth Blackwell

Updated on Lordly 22, 2019

L.M. Hosler


Linda enjoys recital, encyclopedism and authorship some unlike things. She enjoys share-out her dearest of penning and account with others.

Tangency Generator

Elizabeth Blackwell Portraiture


Elizabeth Blackwell Innate in England

Elizabeth was natural the girl of Hannah Lane and Samuel Blackwell in 1821 their one-third nestling. She was innate in Bristol, England. Her sept enjoyed a golden life-style until riots stony-broke out and they confused their clientele. Her begetter made the determination to motility the folk to America patch she was calm a lass. Samuel Blackwell mat he would get more job opportunities in America and he treasured to reinforcement the anti thrall crusade and women’s rights move for his daughters. The Blackwell class colonized in New York in 1832.


Elizabeth’s forefather did not lack his children enlightened by the church so they standard their teaching done their parents and individual tutors. Elizabeth could address various languages including French and German also as English. She too standard instruction in euphony and lit. Elizabeth was rosy that her forefather believed in breeding for his daughters too as for his sons. This was a meter when commonly women did not bear the like opportunities for breeding as men. In fact, it was uncommon for a char to sustain admittance to higher instruction at all. To suit a medico, Elizabeth would sustain to engagement foresightful held views and preconceived ideas on the roles of women in companionship.

Offset Exercise Experiences

When Elizabeth was 18 her beginner died circumstantially, he odd her get Hannah, with ix offspring children to offer for. For roughly metre, Elizabeth on with her two sisters and generate worked as teachers to documentation the kinsfolk. Education was one of the few occupations that club recognised for women at that meter. Unitedly the Blackwell women open a secret academy for youth women in Cincinnati, Ohio. Elizabeth likewise touched to Henderson, Kentucky to issue a didactics post. Nonetheless, her anti-slavery views seemed to be in line with the schools teachings and she left-hand thither abaft her offset yr.

During this period, Elizabeth had a ending protagonist who was death of a disease that touched women sole. This champion was the someone who about influenced Elizabeth to prosecute a calling in medication. She confided to Elizabeth how unenviable it was for her to let manful doctors see her. Her admirer wished that females were allowed to participate the aesculapian discipline and dainty women care her. This was the commencement metre that Elizabeth had always considered the possibleness of perusing to go a md. She had ne’er considered medication as a calling. In fact, she had constitute the field of the consistency, diseases and illness to be dismaying and repellant. But now, in award of her friend’s thoughts and wishes, Elizabeth set her sights on comely the get-go world’s beginning char dr.. It would not be an loose course to contrive.

The Engagement For a Calling As a Womanhood Dr.

Originally of her bespeak to realize a checkup grade, many of her friends were against the estimate, and tested to monish her. They didn’t feeling she had any prospect of decorous a fix due to existence a womanhood. Elizabeth persisted eve though she had no theme how to start. So she began by perusing with individual doctors Lavatory and Samuel Dickison, who were uncoerced to learn her. She besides worn-out lots of sentence recitation and perusal on her own. From thither, she began to implement to dissimilar aesculapian schools but was perpetually told that because she was a womanhood they would not consent her. Lastly, one civilise did acknowledge her to their aesculapian curriculum of bailiwick. It was the Hollands Aesculapian College in New York. Although she was admitted to the college it was not loss to be an promiscuous route to her aesculapian stage. The manful students hardened her as a kinda an crotchet and a antic; approximately really went heretofore as to ruffian her. Around professors refused to let her in their classrooms and demonstrations. Elizabeth refused to abandon disregarding how often contumely she standard and upright worked and studied eve harder. In Jan 1849, it gainful off and she standard her aesculapian level and gradatory get-go in her stratum. I question how abashed and mortified those boys who had bullied her mat.

Later graduating with her aesculapian arcdegree, she affected to London and Paris where she continued perusal. Hither she took courses in mid wife studies. Alas, it was hither that she would brush an stye from one of her patients. She helpless her eye due to the transmission and thusly concluded her ambitiousness of decent a sawbones.

Doctoring in New York

Upon reverting to New York, she undertake portion pitiable women and children. She open various facilities for women and children to welcome aesculapian discussion. She too open the commencement checkup college for women in New York. Elizabeth’s jr. babe Emily had followed her into the airfield of music and the two of them worked unitedly in scuttle and operational these facilities for piteous women and children, besides as many over-the-counter causes. Fix Rebecca Borecole would be the kickoff inkiness womanhood physician to employment with Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell at her Hospital for women and children.

Infirmary Dispensary


Civic War And Prexy Lincoln

During the Polite War, Elizabeth helped the Coupling exertion with her noesis of checkup practices. This included advocating for neat healthful weather too as right personal hygienics in Pairing hospitals and army camps. She too worked with Chairperson Lincoln in establishing The US healthful commissioning. She trained over-the-counter nurses in right healthful procedures for war sentence. These trained nurses helped to cut diseases from dissemination though hospitals and among the men in the army camps.

Elizabeth Blackwell Achievements

Low char to experience a checkup level

Worked and studied at Bartholomew’s Infirmary in London

Open a individual praxis when no one infirmary would rent her

Open the New York Dispensary for miserable women and children

Open the New York Hospital for necessitous women and children

Beginning char listed on the British Aesculapian File

Open the commencement aesculapian college for women

Worked with Chairperson Lincoln during the Polite War to base the US healthful Committee in 1861

Lectured at the London Schoolhouse of Music for Women

Inducted into the Internal Women’s Dorm of Renown 1973

This is solitary a shortlist of the achievements of Elizabeth Blackwell. I am certainly thither are many others besides.

Elizabeth Blackwell Aesculapian Level


Books by Elizabeth Blackwell

The Faith of Wellness

Essays in Aesculapian Sociology

The Hum Ingredient in Sex

Initiate Workplace in Porta the Aesculapian Professing to Women

Medication as a Professing for Women

Reference on the Aesculapian Training of Women

Again this is lone a shortlist of books and articles scripted by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. I trust she likewise wrote many articles most women’s wellness besides as articles some sanitization, cleanliness, and hygienics.

Elizabeth Blackwell: A Persistent Bequest

Elizabeth bad a route into the aesculapian battlefield for many former women to pursue, including her babe Emily. The two of them unitedly whether running unitedly or individually brought almost the sufferance of women in a subject that had viewed women as deficient, illiterate, wanting sentience and not having the attitude for the aesculapian professing. Elizabeth proven them incorrect

Elizabeth Blackwell: Her History

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Tours Of Wales

The Perfect Tour of Pembrokeshire: Part 1

From the pretty market town of Cardigan, which straddles the border between Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, right down to the picturesque medieval walled town of Tenby, Pembrokeshire is a place of art, inspiration, culture and wild panoramas.

It has 186 miles of incredible coastline and an impressive 50 stunning beaches and coves.

Pembrokeshire is a tale of two halves.

It’s the perfect place for an exciting family holiday. Fun, vibrant full of buzzing adventure parks and family-friendly events.

It’s also a place to embrace the peace and tranquillity you crave. To switch off and get back to nature. A place of wide, open beaches and colossal coastal walks. If you’re lucky you might not meet another soul all day!

There’s a Tour of Pembrokeshire for everyone. It can be as invigorating or as tranquil as you choose. This time on the blog we’re putting the spotlight on 24 hours in the halcyon, unhurried, St David’s Peninsular.

24 Hours in St David’s – Part 1 of the perfect tour of Pembrokeshire.

Get there…

Pembrokeshire is easily accessible from Cardiff or Bristol Airport. By road, the main access to the county from the east is via the M4. Pembrokeshire even has two ferry ports, so there are plenty of options for travel to this beautiful part of Wales.

Stay at…

If you’re after some serious R&R and ‘us’ time, you can’t get better than Twr y Felin in St David’s. We love their attitude towards fabulous Welsh hospitality and the edgy design of this contemporary art hotel, and we’re not the only ones! Twr y Felin has won some serious awards as AA Hotel of the year and The Good Hotel Guide’s prestigious Editor’s Choice Hotel Discoveries 2019. 

Wake up…

Stay in one of the beautiful bedrooms at Twr y Felin, the exclusive Roch Castle, or the recently (seriously) revamped Penrhiw Priory, and wake for a hearty Welsh breakfast to keep you on your feet until lunchtime. The rooms in this hotel group are as unique as the venues themselves and you’ll often find yourself sat next to returning guests at breakfast. 

Spend the morning….

One of Pembrokeshire’s charms is that there’s always somewhere else on your list to explore and there’s something about the special light in this part of the country which calls to your soul. Artist Graham Sutherland put it well when he said of Pembrokeshire “The quality of light here is magical and transforming… one has the sensation of the after-tranquillity of an explosion of light”.

Take a walk along Pembrokeshire’s famous coastal path. Keep an eye out for wild Welsh mountain ponies, rare birds and beetles and of course, Cardigan Bay’s bottlenose dolphins on the picturesque St David’s peninsular.


Pack a picnic to enjoy en-route or head to the Whitesands Bay café on St David’s Peninsular for fish and chips or a well-deserved cuppa. An hours walk (less than 10 minutes in the car) along the dramatic clifftops will find you in Solva – home to Mrs Will the Fish and her out of this world, award-winning seafood platters.


It’s a short walk from the hotel to St Davids City – Britain’s smallest city. See artists create masterpieces in glass, pottery and stone engraving in the small workshops and galleries that dot the tiny city. It’s even possible to complete a workshop with a local artist to get experience their craft. Later take a walk to St David’s Cathedral. Built in the 11th Century in deep purple Cambrian sandstone – this site has been a site of pilgrimage for nearly 1,000 years. 


Back to Twr y Felin for a dinner at its in-house 2 rosette restaurant Blas, which is also featured in the Michelin Guide. The menu focuses on local ingredients, fish and seafood caught daily in the sea below the hotel, lamb and duck from the surrounding farms, cheese from the dairy herd who graze in the fields overlooking the bay and foraged Welsh specialities such as samphire and laverbread.

The result is stunningly presented, lovingly prepared food with flavours that mimic the rugged coastlines and green pastures they’re inspired by.

To give you an idea of the menu, during the Autumn a sample menu included BBQ pigeon or local Solva crab, watermelon, avocado and caviar to start; followed by a main of Celtic Promise Tart with Custard, White Grape and Candied Walnut or Dry Aged Fishguard Duck; a dessert of Raspberry – Parma Violet, Cocoa, Pickled local Elderflower complete what will surely be a highlight of your tour to Pembrokeshire. 

Your Tour of Pembrokeshire

We can make all the arrangements to secure a table for you at this world-class restaurant as part of your tour package, just ask us.

The landscape is part of Pembrokeshire’s way of life. Everything here is influenced by and because of the sea and the land.

Pembrokeshire has inspired the many artists who call this place their home and their creativity has become part of the fabric of the communities here.

If you are interested in visiting Pembrokeshire, with your family, the special person in your life or even for some time to yourself, our team of travel experts are here to help.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next instalment of The Perfect Tour of Pembrokeshire – Part:2 COMING SOON!

We can arrange large group tours for 80+; bespoke guided tours for small groups, driver guides or everything you can think of for a self-drive tour of Pembrokeshire. All that’s left for you to do is choose your date!

Discover Wales Culture, Tours Of Wales

A Winter Welcome in Wales

It’s time to discover your perfect winter break in Wales. We offer small group tours, private bespoke experiences and self-drive packages so that you can explore Wales – your way.

Here at the Cambria Tours offices, the Summer season is over and scarves are officially in. Winter is coming. With so much to see and do this winter in Wales, we thought we’d share our Winter Welcome in Wales guide with you. 

We have accommodation packages to suit all budgets and if you book with us soon, you can snap up a great deal around one of Wales’ fabulous winter events. 

Where to spend winter in Wales.

North Wales

If food and drink is your thing, then you’ll find a host of festive markets and fairs that illuminate the small towns and bustling communities of North Wales as we head towards Christmas. 

Welsh hospitality is famous all year round, but in the wintertime, as the nights draw in and the cold winds start to bite, the focus turns to cosy evenings by the fire and plenty of quality local food and drink.

We can recommend the best cosy fireside pubs to warm your cockles after a day in the great outdoors or at one of our many Winter Fairs. 

It will come as no surprise that we’re good at Panto’s here in Wales. We’re game for a laugh and we love to get involved…loudly. The Panto at Venue Cymru – North Wales’ brand-new theatre, conference centre and arena, is set to be Sleeping Beauty with a showstopping cast including Sherrie Hewson from Loose Women and Emmerdale, and West End star Kieran Powell. 

After all that magic, you can make your loved one’s dreams come true with a stay at a fairy tale French-style castle. Enjoy a traditional Welsh breakfast overlooking one of arguably the best view in Anglesey – over the Menai straits and across at the silver-tipped mountains of Snowdonia in the distance. 

Chateau Rhianfa mixes high-class elegance and a touch of quirky novelty (one of the bathrooms is in a circular turret!) to create a truly unique and memorable stay, like something out of a storybook. We can even arrange a fabulous 3-course meal at their brilliantly named Le dragon rouge restaurant, well known across the region for its excellent local seafood.

Mid Wales

If you want a truly magical family adventure this winter look no further than mid-Wales. 

Visit the spectacular Abbey Cwm Hir where every single one of the 52 rooms in this Grade two listed Hall is decadently decorated to a unique Christmas theme. Take a special, personal tour conducted by the owners themselves, who pride themselves on their fabulous festive spectacle! 

Aberystwyth comes alive during the colder months with a lantern parade, Santa steam train rides, a winter fair and one of the best indoor Christmas craft fairs in the country at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

If you add a stay at Nanteos to your Mid-Wales break this winter prepare to be off that naughty list all year! This luxurious 18th century grade 1 listed country house has been beautifully restored to the highest quality thanks to its sympathetic owners. The rooms are sumptuous and expensively decorated, perfect for some r & r after a busy day of Christmas shopping! 

The showstopper at this venue however (apart from the chandelier on the stairs!) is most definitely the food. The Eos Restaurant serves fresh, local produce delightfully presented and deliciously flavoursome, it’s only a matter of time before this fine dining restaurant hits the big time, so book in while you can!


For a winter break with a difference, why not choose a long weekend in Pembrokeshire. 

Visit Laugharne, a favourite of Dylan Thomas, and experience the weather and atmosphere of his famous poem “A child’s Christmas in Wales”. Spend an afternoon in Pembroke Castle, take a boat ride through dramatic sea caves and narrow rock gorges around Ramsey Island, or wrap up for a walk to St David’s Cathedral to experience a choral evensong resonating up to the ancient Irish oak ceiling. The possibilities in Pembrokeshire are endless.

Twr y Felin is a former windmill turned luxury boutique art hotel. It’s totally unique and located on the tip of St Davids peninsula. Why not enjoy afternoon tea in the Oriel lounge. Oriel means gallery and this ambient space is indeed a gallery showcasing local artists talents. 

Choose Twr y Felin and you can expect sweeping sea views, stunning cuisine and a winter break you’ll be talking about for years to come. Did we mention it was The Good Hotel’s 2019 Guide’s Editor’s Choice Hotel? 

Its sister hotels, the dramatic Roch castle and the opulent Penrhiw Priory offer premium luxury accommodation on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. We’ll be talking more about them later on in our blog post series.

At Cambria Tours, we build fantastic relationships with our suppliers because we believe they are the best in Wales, so, you won’t find inflated prices when you book with us. Our winter breaks are bespoke packages with special added touches. We will make planning your winter getaway to Wales as simple as possible and ensure your stay is everything you want it to be.

These are just 3 Welsh Winter Welcome packages we love – there’s plenty more to see, do and experience throughout our beautiful country – all you have to do is ask.

So, why not treat yourself and a loved one this winter – get in touch with our team now, for itinerary ideas or to book!

Discover Wales Culture

10 Welsh foods you definitely shouldn’t eat when you visit Wales…

The delicacies of Wales are a foodie’s dream. Are you the type of person that will leap in and take a bite? Would you enjoy the Welsh foods you shouldn’t eat when you visit Wales?

How often do you hear this comment in conversation just before you head off on holiday? 

“Oh, it’s amazing in *insert beautiful country*, but when you ask whether they sampled the local delicacies, the answer is often “…no”

But if you don’t get out of your comfort zone you might miss out on the most incredible meal that you’ve ever had. You might miss a party on your palette and a celebration of all things tasty.

In the world of taste adventures, there’s everything to play for.

One man’s delight is another man’s poison. 

This couldn’t be truer.

If you’re the type of person whose favourite food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a dry, un-buttered piece of toast with a glass of water, then you absolutely shouldn’t try any of the beautiful Welsh specialities on this list.

However, if you are ready to tantalise your taste-buds with flavoursome treats passed down through generations, then our list of wonderful Welsh food is for you.

So, here is our list of Welsh foods you definitely shouldn’t eat when you visit Wales (if water-biscuits are your desert island dream).


This tasty and traditional delicacy is found clinging to the rocks along the Welsh coast. That’s right, it’s seaweed. The fresh seaweed is minced and boiled for several hours until it forms a deep green salty paste. 

Mix it together with a good helping of porridge oats and fry it up in bacon fat, serve with bacon and eggs, and you have the breakfast of kings.


Ok maybe not exclusively Welsh but ours are bigger, juicier and tastier – go on just try one. To be eaten the true Welsh way, all these seasonal gems need is a sprinkling of white pepper and a good splash of malt vinegar.


Move over shop-bought tomato soup. Forget Grandma’s chicken broth. It’s all about cawl Mamgu in Wales. Cawl is essentially a lamb and vegetable stew with big chunks of veg and plenty of meat. There is only one way to eat cawl, and that’s with a big chunk of cheese and lots of spongey bread to soak up all the juices. The veggie version is no less delicious.

Welsh Rabbit

Or as Rarebit as it’s now known, is the best cheese on toast that you will ever eat. It’s actually cheese because, well, it’s cheaper than rabbits. It’s like a cross between a rich fondue and a bechamel, served on the biggest doorstep of bread you can find.

There is a medieval joke which states that St Peter wanted to lock the Welsh out of heaven because they were too rowdy. The only way to get them out of the pearly gates was to stand outside and shout cheese on toast, and they all ran out. 

We like cheese. Always have.


Okay so we might have pinched the idea, but Welsh Oggies are our own twist on the Cornish pasty. They are also often the size of your head! Picture a Cornish pasty but filled with the amazing flavours of Wales like lamb and leeks. We think they taste better than the originals to be honest (just don’t tell Cornwall we said that).


Step into a Welsh fish and chip shop and you’ll typically find rissoles on the menu – delicious deep-fried pockets of potato and corned beef, or cheese and onion, breadcrumbed and served with fresh chips. Try a rissole instead of traditional battered cod, you won’t be disappointed (and you’ll earn yourself an approving look from the chippie too!).


Every Welsh person remembers when they first found out what a faggot was. But it’s too late by then, you’re already hooked. These offal enriched meatballs are designed to be eaten with lashings of rich onion gravy, buttery mash and mushy peas. Don’t let the inclusion of liver or heart put you off, once you’ve tried them, you’ll be a convert for life. Just tell the kids it’s mincemeat – that’s what our Mothers did!

Glamorgan Sausage

Another Welsh trick to throw you off the scent of what you’re eating – this sausage is actually not a sausage at all! In fact, it’s not even meat! If you haven’t got the memo by now, we love dairy here in Wales, which is why these amazing little sausage-shaped bites of cheese; leeks and herbs, deep fried in breadcrumbs have been popular here since the 12th century.

Bara Brith

Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful and no we didn’t just sneeze (eye roll). This is simply the best fruit cake ever. The fruit is kept moist by being steeped in tea overnight before it’s added to the mix. Perfect spread thickly with real Welsh butter and a proper cup of tea.

Bonus! You may not eat it, but it’s certainly drinkable!

Welsh whisky

Easily as good as the Scottish, we now have 3 distilleries in Wales, 2 are currently working on their first batches, but it officially makes Wales a whisky producing nation. Making whisky in Wales can be dated as far back as the middle ages, however, it died out in the late 1800s. Our newly revived whisky industry incorporates our heritage and h won plenty of awards, leading to a huge surge in popularity.

We offer some incredible culinary tours and adventures in Wales. If this list has got your mouth watering, get in touch with us and tell us your foodie fantasies and we’ll do the rest. Whatever you do, don’t try any of these foods the next time you visit Wales…leave them for us instead.

Tours Of Wales

The Wales Ways – Your perfect tour of Wales.

The Wales Ways – 3 incredible routes through Wales which will leave you inspired and full of stories about your best trip ever.

You’ve ventured along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and crossed Scotland’s North Coast 500 – but have you experienced jaw-dropping beauty of The Wales Ways? These Visit Wales routes may well be Wales’ best kept Secret. But not for not much longer…

Wales is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet.


Rough Guides and National Geographic are just a few global heavyweights who have Wales firmly on their lists when it comes to top places to travel this year.

Isn’t it time you did too?

The only question is – where should you visit in Wales? 

With so much choice it’s so hard to pick one place, which is why Cambria Tours are championing The Wales Ways – a set of 3 stunning routes through our beautiful country, designed by the experts at Visit Wales to ensure you get the most out of your visit to Wales and see as much of our incredible country as possible.

These routes are perfect for adventurers who want to take the reins themselves. They are simple to navigate if you enjoy a self-drive holiday and include regular stop-offs and fabulous accommodation options.

If a guided tour is more your style, we know some passionate Welsh guides who would be thrilled to share our beautiful country with you. They’ll take you on an unforgettable journey, share their knowledge and tell stories of old which will bring the landscape to life and leave your imagination running wild. No arguments about directions or missing out on the scenery – this is time for you to just sit back and enjoy the views. 

The focus of each route is for you to choose, we can arrange itineraries and activities based on your interests, from passes allowing you to access historic Welsh sites, to securing reservations at Wales’ top restaurants, to organising beautiful boutique accommodation.

So, which one will you choose?

The Coastal Way

From the Llŷn Peninsula to Pembrokeshire. Or as locals know it, from the ear of the boar all the way down to the tip of his nose. Take a look at a map of Wales to see if you can spot this similarity for yourself!

Wales is actually the first place in the world to have a dedicated coastal path along its entire coastline, and what a coastline it is. The crystal clear waters of Cardigan Bay are home to the largest population of bottlenose dolphins in all of Europe. It’s many coves and secluded beaches are home to some of it’s rarest and most endangered wildlife and marine life in the country. 

The Coastal Way is a fabulous route showcasing the most beautiful coastline in the UK also hides some of the most Wales most secret natural treasures.

The Cambrian Way

Travel down through the heart of Wales, following its mountainous spine from North to South. 

From the picture-postcard Victorian resort town of Llandudno, through the outskirts of the majestic Snowdonia National Park and down along the Cambrian Mountains to our beautiful capital city of Cardiff – via the Brecon Beacons – one of only 13 Certified IDA International Dark Sky Reserves in the WORLD.

The Cambrian Way is a mythical journey through the ancient Welsh countryside which will leave you with stories to tell for generations to come.

The North Wales Way

The shortest of these routes is arguably the most jam-packed of the experiences. North Wales is perfectly accessible from many major airports, yet remote enough to make you feel as though you’re the first person to unearth its treasures. 

The North Wales Way spans from the North easternmost tip of Wales, home to one of our greatest feats – The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Llangollen. A beautiful journey along the North Wales coast skirts around the Snowdonia National Park, taking in epic fortresses and castles before finishing at our most beautiful Island, Anglesey, home of fresh lobster, mussels and, of course, the longest place name Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch (don’t worry – even we usually call it Llanfair PG!)

Now if that’s not enough to have you raring to book your next self-drive or guided tour to Wales – over the next few weeks we’ll be breaking things down with our definitive guide to each of the Wales Ways.

If you like what you’ve read but have your heart set on a particular location in Hen Wlad fy Nhadau (the land of our fathers as we’re colloquially known) we would love to hear from you. 

Our team are experts in Wales – specially chosen for their passion and dedication to all things Welsh. Just get in touch with us and allow us to help you plan your best tour yet!